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Hurricane Mitch Open File ReportsSatellite View of Hurricane Mitch

At the request of USAID and in-country ministries, NWRC and collaborators at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette conducted projects to assess the ecological damage and recovery of mangrove forests, seagrass beds, estuarine systems and water quality, and shrimp populations. The reports below are preliminary accounts of their findings.

Cahoon, D.R., and Hensel, P., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: a regional perspective on mangrove damage, recovery, and sustainability: USGS Open File Report 03-183, 31 p.

Cahoon, D.R., Hensel, P., Rybczyk, J., and Perez, B.C., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: impacts on mangrove sediment elevation dynamics and long-term mangrove sustainability: USGS Open File Report 03-184, 75 p.

Dankert, J.R., and Jenkins, J.A., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: development of immunological tools to assess the health status of shrimp: USGS Open File Report 03-176, 27 p.

Doyle, T.W., Michot, T.C., Roetker, F., Sullivan, J., Melder, M., Handley, B., and Balmat, J., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: landscape analysis of damaged forest resources of the Bay Islands and Caribbean coast of Honduras: USGS Open File Report 03-175, 23 p.

Felder, D.L., Nates, S.F., and Robles, R.R., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: impacts of bioturbating crustaceans in shrimp ponds and adjacent estuaries of coastal Nicaragua: USGS Open File Report 03-179, 47 p.

Handley, L.R., Thibodeaux, J.L., II, Dugas, J.L., and Mouton, K., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: mapping coastal habitats: USGS Open File Report, in press.

Hensel, P., and Proffitt, C.E., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: acute impacts on mangrove forest structure and an evaluation of recovery trajectories: USGS Open File Report 03-182, 77 p.

McKee, K.L., and McGinnis, T.E., II, 2003, Hurricane Mitch: effects on mangrove soil characteristics and root contributions to soil stabilization: USGS Open File Report 03-178, 58 p.

Michot, T.C., Boustany, R.G., Arrivillaga, A., Perez, B., 2003, Impacts of Hurricane Mitch on water quality and sediments of Lake Izabal, Guatemala: USGS Open File Report 03-180, 21 p.

Michot, T.C., Burch, J.N., Arrivillaga, A., Rafferty, P.S., Doyle, T.W., and Kemmerer, R.S., 2003, Impacts of Hurricane Mitch on seagrass beds and associated shallow reef communities along the Carribbean coast of Honduras and Guatemala: USGS Open File Report 03-181, 65 p.

Rivera-Monroy, V.H., Twilley, R.R., Castaneda, E., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: integrative management and rehabilitation of mangrove resources to develop sustainable shrimp mariculture in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras: USGS Open File Report 03-177, 120 p.

Travis, S.E., 2003, Hurricane Mitch: population genetic structure of Pacific white shrimp from the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras: USGS Open File Report 03-174, 30 p

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