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Purple Loosestrife Volunteers 
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Purple Loosestrife Volunteers

Purple Loosestrife Volunteer List
November 3, 2008

This list includes people who have collected height data and/or seeds for the project. People designated with an “*” participated in the volunteer training during the workshop, but did not write their name on the group data sheet.
For height data already collected by volunteers, click here.

Name Year Location
Adam, Paul 2003 NSW, Australia
Akanil Bingol, Nuke 2003 Turkey
Anderson, J.P. 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Bastlova, Dasa 2003-2009 Czeske Budevice, Czech Republic
Bennessaiah, Karina 2005-2006 Quebec/Tunisia
Bingol, Can 2003 Eskisehir, Turkey
Bocuk, Harun 2003-2007 Eskisehir, Turkey
Blumer, David 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Carol, Jenny 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Clark, Katie 2005 Urbana, Illinois
Cleland, Cathy 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Cook, Paul 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Davis, Craig 2004 Columbus, Ohio
Delaney, David 2004 Maryland
Devlin, Donna 2004 Tennessee
Downes, Diana 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Dresser, Mary 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Edwards, Keith 2003-2009 Czeske Budevice, Czech Republic
Fielding-Purdy, Mara 2004 Bear Creek, Colorado
Foster, Kari 2006 Tennessee
Goettl, Robin 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Grissom, Jim 2008 Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
Gruenewald, Carole 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Hamilla, David 2008 Porter, Indiana
Handley, Ben 2004 Tennessee
Handley, Darelyn 2004 Virginia
Kinzer, Sandi 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Kvet, Jan 2008 Trebon, Czech Republic
Leblebici, Sema 2004-2007 Turkey
Lilla, Jennifer 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Lindon, Heather Lynn 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Lockton, Alex 2006 London, UK
Lustig, Al 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Maerklein, Robin 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Maki, Christi 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Marburger, Joy 2004 Chesterton, Indiana
Middleton, Eva 2005 Wisconsin
Minton, Jane 2004 DuQuion, Illinois
Mulligan, Jill 2007 Portland, Oregon
Peters, Deborah 2004 Colorado
Prentice, Jim 2005 Douglas Marsh, Manitoba, Canada
Prentice, Joy 2005 Douglas Marsh, Manitoba, Canada
Quiram, Gina 2008-2008 St Paul, Minnesota
Roesler, C. 2003 Spooner, Wisconsin
Sengupta, Raja 2004-2007 Quebec
Sikes, Ben 2004 Tennessee
Smith, DJ 2008 Morristown, NJ
Smith, Wendy 2004 Chesterton, Indiana
Stevens, Kevin 2004 Tennessee
Ture, Cengiz 2004-2007 Turkey
Webber, Bonnie Lane 2006 Rumson, NJ
Welling, Chris 2005-2007 Quebec

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