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Quantitative Analysis Using Structural Equations

What's New

October 16, 2015 – Additions
SEM.9.1-Modeling with Latent Variables is updated to version 1.2 and data plus code are now provided.

June 26, 2015 – Additions
A new tutorial has been added to the IV. Additional Topics section entitled, “Nested Data: Adjusting for hierarchical data using lavaan.survey”

June 22, 2015 - Updates
Updates include:
1. SEM.10.1-Composites and Formative Indicators is updated to version 1.1.
2. Code (including code to generate data for the example) is now given in “SEM.10.1-Composites and Formative Indicators_code – version 1.1.txt”
3. SEM.2.2-Local Estimation is updated to version 1.1, now featuring an introduction to the R package “piecewiseSEM”.

June 18, 2015 – Additional Updates
Updates include:

  1. New: Tutorials, R Code, and Data files added to the Main page.
    1. SEM.1.7-SEM Essentials Categorical Predictors- version 1.0.pdf
    2. SEM.1.7-SEM Essentials Categorical Predictors_code.txt
    3. SEM.1.7-SEM Essentials Categorical Predictors_data.csv
    4. SEM-Modeling Interactions – version 1.0.pdf
    5. SEM-Modeling Interactions_code.txt
    6. SEM-Modeling Interactions_data.csv
    7. SEM.Sp1-Spatial Autocorrelation Lavaan Procedures - version 1.0.pdf
    8. SEM.Sp1-Spatial Autocorrelation Lavaan Procedures_code.txt
    9. SEM.SP1-Spatial Autocorrelation Lavaan Procedures_data.csv
    10. SEM.Sp1-Spatial Autocorrelation Lavaan Exercise - version 1.0.pdf
    11. SEM.Sp1-Spatial Autocorrelation Lavaan Exercise_code.txt
    12. SEM.Sp1-Spatial Autocorrelation Lavaan Exercise_data.csv
    13. SEM-Reciprocal_Effects_Overview - version 1.0.pdf

May 28, 2015 – Updates to Tutorials, plus addition of Supporting Code and Data to Main page.
Updates include:

  1. Replacement pdfs:
    1. SEM.1.5- Path Rules (now “version 1.1”)
    2. SEM.2.1- Intro to Lavaan (now “version 1.1”)
    3. SEM.2.2- Local Estimation (now “version 1.1”)
    4. SEM.3- Model Evaluation (now “version 1.1”)
    5. SEM.5- Test of Mediation (now “version 1.1”)
    6. SEM.9.1- Modeling with Lvs (now “version 1.1”)
  2. New: R Code and Data files added to the Main page.
    1. SEM.2.1-Intro to Lavaan code.txt
    2. SEM.2.1-Intro to Lavaan data.csv
    3. SEM.2.2-Local Estimation code.txt
    4. SEM.2.2-Local Estimation data.csv
    5. SEM.3-Model Evaluation code.txt
    6. SEM.3-Model Evaluation data.csv
    7. SEM.5-Test of Mediation code.txt
    8. SEM.5-Test of Mediation data.csv
    9. SEM.6-SEM versus Multiple Regression code.txt
    10. SEM.6-SEM versus Multiple Regression data.csv

April 27, 2015 – Google to co-sponsor Amer. Stat. Association "Causality in Statistics Education Award" in 2016.
Google has joined Microsoft in sponsoring next year's ASA Causality Prize.
For details on this prize see

February 6, 2015 – New publication describing “Why to” and “How to” do SEM.
Grace, J.B., Scheiner, S.M., Schoolmaster, D.R. Jr. 2015. Structural equation modeling: building and evaluating causal models. Chapter 8 In: Fox, G.A., Negrete-Yankelevich, S., and Sosa, V.J. (eds.) Ecological Statistics: From Principles to Applications. Oxford University Press.
(for pdf of article, send request to

February 2, 2015 – Initial launch of the website!



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